Divemaster Internship Programme - Koh Tao, Thailand

divemaster internship koh tao

What's Included

  • Unlimited diving
  • PADI Divemaster application fees
  • PADI recreational courses (if required).
  • Dive against Debris specialty course
  • 10% discount in our bar/restaurant,
  • Discounted accommodation for 2 months
  • 10% discount on our scuba diving equipment packages
  • Pool parties, snorkel test, amazing atmosphere, great time!


About the Divemaster Internship

 The Divemaster Internship program can take students from being complete land-lubbers to scuba diving professionals with the ability to earn from diving in tropical waters all round the world! We can tailor packages to suit your current level of diving ability from beginner upwards. If you have never dived before you will start by learning the basics through your PADI Open Water program.  Next you will continue to the Advanced Open Water, Emergency First Responder and PADI Rescue Diver courses. This will get you up to speed to do your main challenge, the PADI Divemaster Course.

Working closely with a PADI Instructor, you learn to develop your dive knowledge and perfect your abilities and techniques to a professional level. Divemaster training develops your leadership skills, giving you the qualification to supervise dive activities and aid instructors with student divers.

Shall I Pay for an Internship or Work in Exchange for Training?

When speaking with customers our advice is that paying for an internhsip is the more suitable option for most students. Obviously everyone is different but if you do go down the road of working in exchange for your certfications you need to bear in mind that working will restrict the amount of time you can spend diving each week. Dive centres need to get value for money so there may need to be a considerable amount of work put in to cover the cost of your certifications. Having to work may also mean you are regarded as a member of staff as opposed to a customer.

DJL divemaster internships are paid internships so throughout your training you are treated as a customer. This means you can dive as much as you want, whenever you want. You can take time off whenever you want. You can complete your training quickly if required as you don't need to to work. The diving equipment that is included in the internship package is brand new and is yours to keep.

We also prefer to recruit students who have come through our internship programme. So rather than working during your training in a non diving job there may be the opportunity to take out fun divers and conduct scuba reviews once you are certified. Plus, you will also get paid for it.

What you learn during the Divemaster Internship

divemaster internship koh tao thailand


The Divemaster program teaches you dive leadership skills through classroom, underwater and independent study. You complete water skills and stamina training, as well as teaching exercises that increase your capacity to organize and solve diving problems as well as help others improve their diving and their experience if diving. You put this knowledge into practice during a structured internship or series of practical exercises.

"Over the time completing my Divemaster Internship, I became transformed from where I began, a still slightly timid diver - into a confident, dive addict who lives and breathes diving as my second nature!" Jana Bolt

What's Next?

divemaster internship koh tao djl diving

Congratulations! After arriving in Thailand a couple of months ago, possibly having never dived before, you are now a fully certified Divemaster, ready to offer your skills to divers visiting Koh Tao. So what is the next step?

At DJL we try to offer employment opportunities whenever possible. We prefer to recruit Divemasters who have trained with us as they understand how our dive centre operates and have built up plenty of experience on our dive boats. In terms of training, the next step up from Divemaster is completing the PADI IDC to become a diving instructor. As a PADI 5 Star Career Development Centre we run these training courses every month. However if you are a complete beginner when you arrive here you will need to wait for a period of 6 months after completing your Open Water course before you can start trainining to become a diving instructor. If you do wish to continue on to the instructor training, spending some time working as a Divemaster beforehand can be extremely beneficial and is a great way to use your time and earn some money. You also need a minimum of 100 logged dives but this can easily be achieved using the unlimited diving you get during your divemaster training and the free fun diving for life that is also part of the divemaster internship package.

If you fall in love with Koh Tao, as many people do when they visit, the scuba diving industry can offer some great career options. A professional diving qualification can also offer amazing job opportunities worldwide, not only in Thailand and it's beautiful islands.

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What you get

Discounted accommodation for 2 months, unlimited fundiving, PADI divemaster fees, Dive Against Debris speciality course, 10% discount in our bar and restaurant,

    PADI recreational courses (if required).
    • PADI Open Water Diver
    • PADI Advanced Open Water
    • Emergency First Responder
    • PADI Rescue Diver
    • PADI Divemaster

    10% discount off scuba diving equipment packages;

    We currently offer Aqualung and Scuba Pro packages. If you wish to upgrade any pieces of equipment are happy to organise this when you arrive here.
    Equipment packages include:
    • Diving Mask
    • Snorkel
    • Complete Regulator Set
    • Buyancy Control Device (BCD)
    • Dive Knife
    • Safety Marker Buoy
    • Wetsuit Boots
    • Professional Diving Fins
    • Gear Bag
    • Compass

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    book divemaster internship today

    Our staff will be happy to organise and confirm your booking requirements


  • Koh Tao island is like paradise on earth. If you don’t like cheap alcohol, great food and beautiful surroundings don’t bother.

    James – UK
  • A favourite in northern Sairee and a popular dive outfit... Friday night pool parties are a big draw!

    Lonely Planet
  • A trip around the world was hijacked, a boyfriend was (temporarily) abandoned, and a lifestyle was discovered the minute my feet were again in the DJL.

    Lisa – USA
  • Dear DJL, Thanks for the last 2 months, best experience so far! cheers to all the DMT’s for making the course a memorable one!!

    Heesh – UK
  • We did our PADI Advanced Open Water course here, it was Excellent!! Great instructor, not only teaches but gave us confidence, Thanks Tim and everyone in DJL!

    Han and Sammi – Hong Kong
  • Thank you for a great course, the happy girls from Norway

    Gina and Hege – Norway
  • Thanks DJL and Luke for the awesome dives, you guys helped me overcome my fear of the open water. Cheers!!

    James – Canada
  • I don’t want to leave! I’ve had such an amazing time here and a lot of that is thanks to the great team at DJL! Thanks to my instructors Giles and Simon and the Divemasters Bob and Harry for all the teaching and support you’ve given me.

    Sally – UK
  • This is a day i’ll always remember, my first time diving, the instructor was great, I will be back!

    Ofir - Israel