PADI Open Water Course - Koh Tao, Thailand

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PADI Open Water course Koh Tao Thailand DJL diving

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Thailand is a fantastic country to get your PADI Open Water certificate. Its' warm tropical waters and huge range of marine life give students an amazing experience as well as a diving certification that is recognised worldwide. When you visit Koh Tao and  take an Open Water course you will be diving in the calm waters of the Gulf of Thailand, visiting a variety of dive sites which are located nearby. Koh Tao is an island renowned for scuba diving and is a great place for beginners to learn. The PADI Open Water course is the first step towards becoming a certified diver. You will learn how to safely set up and use scuba diving equipment and be taught basic underwater skills. Once the course is completed you will be certified to dive to a depth of 18 metres.

The Open Water course takes places over 4 days and is broken up into the following sections:

Day 1

We usually start at 4pm with an academics session. This will include videos, some basic theory and quizzes to test your knowledge. It isn't anything too complicated so you don't need to worry. The junior version if the Open Water course is for 10 - 14 year olds and they need to study the same material.

Day 2

On day 2 you will take part in a confined session in our pool. This is where you to get to use scuba diving equipment for the first time and experience breathing with a regulator under water. The pool is a great environment for learning scuba skills. It enables our students to become comfortable with their diving equipment in a calm shallow environment. We use the pool for the confined swim for the same reason, meaning our students will be completely confident to go out on the boat the following day. We allocate a maximum of 4 students to each instructor and also often have a divemaster candidate assisting. So there is always plenty of time answer any questions or go over any part of the training again if required.

Day 3

Your first time out on the boat, diving in the ocean! Departing after lunch, the two dives that take place on day 3 will be to a depth of 12 metres. There is still plenty to see in the water and around the reefs at this depth. You will repeat some of the skills you learned during the confined pool session and then get to explore the some of Koh Taos' famous dive sites. Expect to see plenty of colourful marine life such as angel fish, batfish, or moray eels. If you are you are lucky you may even spot (completely harmless) reef sharks!

Day 4

For dives 3 and 4 we set off in the morning. The dives take place at some of the deeper dive sites which are a bit further out from Koh Tao. This is where you extend the depth of your diving to 18 metres and observe some of the larger marine animals that inhabit Koh Taos' waters. Groupers and barracuda are quite common, and even whale sharks may make an appearance! They are completely harmless but breathtaking to watch. For dives 3 and 4 we have a videography team available who will film both of your dives and have a bit of fun with the camera while you are on the boat.

Once you are back on dry land you have the afternoon to relax and enjoy some drinks or sunbathing at our pool bar. In the evening the videographer will return with the freshly edited dive video which is shown in our bar. All our our open water students have the opportunity to watch the video and purchase a copy if they wish. We celebrate your introduction into the diving community with some shots, and ice cold beers!

  • At least 10 years of age
  • Tread water for 10 minutes
  • Swim 200 metres
  • Have completed a PADI medical form (we provide this at the shop or send it by email)

The cost of the PADI Open Water course is 8,900 thb, this includes use of scuba equipment, PADI materials and certification.

We offer a free collection from the pier when you arrive. Discounted accommodation is available at our Backpackers hostel with prices starting at 250 thb per night. Private rooms and bungalows can also be reserved at Silver Sands resort next to our dive school. Please contact us for any course or accommodation enquiries.

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  • Koh Tao island is like paradise on earth. If you don’t like cheap alcohol, great food and beautiful surroundings don’t bother.

    James – UK
  • A favourite in northern Sairee and a popular dive outfit... Friday night pool parties are a big draw!

    Lonely Planet
  • A trip around the world was hijacked, a boyfriend was (temporarily) abandoned, and a lifestyle was discovered the minute my feet were again in the DJL.

    Lisa – USA
  • Dear DJL, Thanks for the last 2 months, best experience so far! cheers to all the DMT’s for making the course a memorable one!!

    Heesh – UK
  • We did our PADI Advanced Open Water course here, it was Excellent!! Great instructor, not only teaches but gave us confidence, Thanks Tim and everyone in DJL!

    Han and Sammi – Hong Kong
  • Thank you for a great course, the happy girls from Norway

    Gina and Hege – Norway
  • Thanks DJL and Luke for the awesome dives, you guys helped me overcome my fear of the open water. Cheers!!

    James – Canada
  • I don’t want to leave! I’ve had such an amazing time here and a lot of that is thanks to the great team at DJL! Thanks to my instructors Giles and Simon and the Divemasters Bob and Harry for all the teaching and support you’ve given me.

    Sally – UK
  • This is a day i’ll always remember, my first time diving, the instructor was great, I will be back!

    Ofir - Israel